Although we do not employ lawyers, we will help you to find and implement the optimal structure. In a larger context this can mean that in a indification process the advantages and disadvantages of structures are evaluated and the political process is planned togehter with the involved parties. Due to our experience with varies companies as well as with non-profit organisations or companies in the public sector/ canton / municipality we are able to support you professionally. We can help you to detach the property from the operating company in order for the company to be sold more easily or we can assist to transfer your private property into a real estate company. We set up the correct corporate structure for you and plan the required steps.

Once we and our client are convinced that a corporate structure is the right one, we obtain the necessary tax rulings, prepare letters of intent and coordinate the work of the lawyers. Subsequently, we can also assist with the organisational and administrative challenges which need to be solved (e.g. tax registration, social security etc.).

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