Tax advisory

We advise companies and individuals in order to optimally solve individual challenges on a long-term basis. We strive for solutions with a holistic approach. Saving taxes means optimising costs. In doing so, all costs and possible restrictions should be considered in the long term. Political developments must equally be taken into account as well as a subsequent sale or inheritance.

In connection with the purchase or sale of real estate or retirement planning, further possibilities should be examined by companies or individuals. We would like to point out other potential instruments to our clients, such as usufruct, building rights, extra-mandatory pension solutions, etc. and provide support in their implementation.

In addition to direct taxes on individuals (income taxes, wealth taxes, tax at source) and companies (profit taxes, capital taxes), other not insignificant taxes and levies must also be planned (VAT, social security, withholding taxes, stamp duties, inheritance and gift taxes).

Thereby, we focus on the tax system in Switzerland. We have in particular been able to gain extensiv experience in the areas of Central Switzerland, Aargau, Zurich, Bern, Graubünden, Ticino and Basel. However, we also come across many challenges with taxpayers from abroad, including for example relocations of foreign companies or foreigns sole proprietorships in Switzerland. In such cases, we work closely together with like-minded foreign tax consultants.

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